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Cocktail Shaker Set

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If you share our passion for mixing up incredible drinks, or just want to add a touch of Convict Bitters charm to your collection, this is the toolkit for you. Let the fun begin: measure, shake, and stir to your heart's content!
Take a peek at our recipes for some easy cocktail inspiration!

What’s in the Set?
  • Convict Bitters Cocktail Shaker (3 piece)
  • Hawthorn Strainer
  • Convict Bitters Double Jigger (15/30mL)
  • Ice Tongs
  • Spoon Straw

Quality & Durability

Our Convict Shaker Set is made from strong stainless steel, built to last and great to look at! It will naturally endure some wear, especially when left in wet conditions, which may lead to rusting. You can maintain its shine for longer by avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture.