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Our story

Our mission is to enrich everyday moments with an exceptional Australian flavour experience.
From Family Bonding to Award-Winning Craftsmanship
Convict Bitters is a two decade journey of familial bonding and craftmanship. Beginning as a father-son hobby on the weekends, a time for quality bonding, it gradually transformed into a deep understanding and mastery of the art of bitters. Each batch made both past and present is a tribute to our personal connection and unique flavours discovered together.

Our journey of familial collaboration and dedication to craft blossomed into an award-winning and internationally acclaimed brand. Today, Convict Bitters is a reflection of our national heritage, passion for quality, and our unwavering commitment to the simple pleasures from a well crafted drink.
The Essence of Our Name: A Nod to Australian Heritage
Our name, Convict Bitters, is a homage to Australia's intricate history. Bitters, initially a botanical remedy to cure seasickness brought by early convicts, became an integral part of Australian culture epitomised by the iconic Lemon Lime and Bitters - a staple at every golf club, country clubs, bars, and RSLs.

In collaboration with Indigenous Australians, these early settlers discovered a wealth of native flora that form the spirit of Convict Bitters today. By infusing native Australian botanicals known for their rich and distinct flavours, each bottle we craft is a celebration of this shared heritage - artfully blending tradition with modernity to deliver a taste that's authentically Australian: unique, intricate, and vibrant.